Boston Marathon runners and the bombing reflects the DNA base runner war

RD-blog-number-5134 by Herb Zinser reviews the city of Boston DNA problems.


Let’s look at another blog that covers another example ………….  and that lays the information foundation to look at the Boston Marathon bonmbing messsage.


RD-blog-number-5127 by Herb Zinser reviews the biochemistry WAR  database report from Oak Creeek, Wisconsin near Lake Michigan.The tragic signaling EVENT……..

  1. Wisconsin Sikh temple shootingWikipedia, the free …
    On August 5, 2012, 40-year-old Wade Michael Page fatally shot six people and wounded four others at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Page took his life by …

Thus we have Lake Michigan …suggestive of  water waves …oscillations.
In addition,  we have Nature’s  SYMBOL  MACHINE language code words–> Wisconsin
……………sin wave region of sin wave life forms

—> Sikh –> susbet codes
–> Si + KH –> Sin wave K (potassium symbol ) H (hydrogen of water molecule)
Thus the database signal coming from the SiKH Temple shooting about waves …
about DNA representative Governor Doyle and the nucelotides of Wisconsin sin wave life forms.
  1. Deoxyribonucleic acid / DNA | Learn Science at Scitable
    Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a molecule that encodes an organism’s genetic blueprint. In other words, DNA contains all of the information required to build and …

Deoxyribonucleic  …….. subset letetrs of the word …|
D.o.y…………le   –> 5 symbols of the 16 letters of the word

James Edward “Jim” Doyle (born November 23, 1945) is a Wisconsin politician and member of the Democratic Party. He was the 44thGovernor of Wisconsin, serving from January 6, 2003 to January 3, 2011.Thus ..he is Nature’s represtaive for 5/16 of DNA message system.The Democratic Party denies  the existence of biochemsitry  DNA and its solid thoughts  …
claiming that DEMOCRATS are electromagnetic (EM) life forms that are superior to the periodic atomic of elements
and its biochemsitry molecules…… molecules that constructed a human structure  ….
known as a host platform for the EM life forms to use and abuse.

INTERNAL DNA  geometry bio-math configuration has
EXTERNAL expression formats to LURE  unsuspecting   high school graduates  into the study of the double-helix twists   by going to college and becoming a biochemsitry major.Of course, biochemsitry  LURE and SEDUCTION technology has completion  ……   in the usage of
the multi-purpose  female expression system and its concept suggestion.Thus bio-math and calculus(t) curves to guide male student into the study of math fun functions.

The power of suggestion ……  she wants more calculus students to study integration and integartion  by patrts.
Thus we see Nature’s system ..INTERNAL biology/brain  and  their EXTERNAL displays messages
EXTERNAL information displays about INTERNAL software systems ….. are the external EARTH geography sites  that have a Jewish Temple, a SiKH Temple, etc.
Thus the SYMBOL MACHINE view of the  word/letter ENGINES code name –>
KH  with examples ….– > siKH
—> city of Kenosha  –> subset letters KH
—> KHan –> murder of KH SYMBOL PROCESSOR Haroon KHanSymblos/letets KH  …think …think  ….spell backward

think <—mirror word –> Kniht   ..explained to Knight

  1. Knight (chess) – Wikipedia, the free
  2. The knight is a piece in the game of chess, representing a knight. It is normally represented by a horse’s head and neck. Each player starts with two knights, which begin on the row closest to the player, one square from each corner.
Thus we see Nature’s systems and it chess component  ..with SYMBOL MACHINE  word
Knight  …sort of the inverse letter sequence of ..the mirror of Think.
Tus we think of the EARTH geography region of the greater  Milwuakee  …souteast Wisconsin land surface Nature’s chessborad ..with humans as pawns and  DNA nitrogenous bases as  Knights.Code –> Knight –> subset code –> nig –> suggests nitrogen and  DNA
Thus we have a molecular chess board  ….. and some conflict that wa splayed out at the EXTERNAL location of the SiKH Temple (sin wave code)
near  Lake Michigan ( PSSC high school physics and wave tanks and wave mechanics)
Thus we begin to see the SECRET  biochmesitry DNA manipulation socity in the greater Miwaukee region by citizens with univeristy approval.The 4 bases above  ……  and the  VERBAL word commands issued by baseball radio announcements and the picture  comamands issued  by  the televivsion  electromagnetic (EM) broadcasts of  the station  … by their superior DNA employees….. that broadcast FCC approved  EM  control waves directly into the
skull temple and the brain stem
skull ..em ………………………..em

Thus Nature’s systems VERSUS   the bio-radio and bio-television attack on the brain SYMBOL ENGINE  ..hence, Nature’s military systems and the creation of the DNA wave war message in oak Creek.
  1. Baseball field – Wikipedia, the free
    Second base is the second of four  BASE stations on a baseball diamond which must be touched in succession by a base  runner in order to score a run for that player’s team.

  1. Baseball field – Wikipedia, the free
    Second base is the second of four base radio stations on a baseball diamond which must be touched in succession by a  DNA base runner who is carrying a secret body language  message in order to score a run for that player’s team  (Player —> P layers –> Processing  layers).

Thus we wee the DNA war zone in southeastern Wisconsin and the biochemistry war casualties …. and the incomplete explanations given in newspapers about the entire situation.
Let’s look at the Boston signaling EVENT…

Boston Marathon bombings – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Boston Marathon bombings and subsequent, related shootings were a series of attacks and incidents which began on April 15, 2013, when two pressure …

boston marathon race
Let’s look at BOSTON DNA bases at Fenway Park.

Boston Red Sox – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Boston Red Sox are an American professional baseball team based in Boston, Massachusetts, that competes in Major League Baseball (MLB). They are members of the East Division of the American League (AL). The Red Sox have won 8 World Series, having appeared in 12.

Boston Red Sox
10-9, 3rd in AL Eastern Division
American League
today, 5:10 PM on RSN, NESN
Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts

red blood cells   salt utoya



Thus the  water message and potassium chloride SALT treaty message from Watertown, Mass.










watertown and boston race

April 18 code in quantum state of Mass of Massachusetts —> 18 mass –> 18 atomic mass of molecule water


water molecule  2


SYMBOL MACHINE keyword/number code –> April 18 –> Ap + ril 18 –> map riddle 18  regarding watertown , watergate, water100,  whitewater  ..names of cities or events in the uNited States that may contain important information about the water moelcule ciontinuum and the blood war.


April 18 –> Ap + ril 18 –> map riddle 18

April 18 –> Ap + ril 18 –> map riddle 18 about code 72 in year 1972 with nixon and Watergate molecule codes


water human

Watergate scandal about N = Avodgaro’s number of water molecules in the human skin container  – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Watergate scandal was a major political scandal that occurred in the United States in the 1970s as a result of the June 17, 1972, break-in at the Democratic …




Fenway Park | ballpark and  the bull-pen Boston Red Sox – MLB …
Boston Red Sox

Though generations have come and gone, Fenway Park remains, much like it did the day it … The Official Museum of Fenway Park & the Boston Red Sox.


328 Google reviews · Write a review

boston red sox   dna bases

As Red Sox Examine Their Pitching Staff, Bullpen May Be ……/…

The Boston Globe

Tony Massarotti of 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Felger and Mazz Show, offers analysis on all the major sports teams across the city of Boston. Share; Comment.

Staff, Bullpen

Staff, Bull-stories and the ink pen of Boston newspapers and their rigged, incomplete  explanations about the Boston Marathon bombing



Red Sox  and their Red Blood cell message output writers   …… of the  bullpen  language … BRAIN manipulation project …. might be better than you think – The Boston ……/redsoxbullpen…/story.html

The Boston Globe

Mar 20, 2015 – Peter Abraham recently took his second crack at projecting the Red Sox roster. He had three mostly new names in his projected bullpen – lefty ..

boston baseball collective carl jung
The Carl  Jung collective site ………. people converge to the baseball park  with its 4 DNA bases …to be part of the Boston DNA collective unconsiousness ..GROUP MIND  system.

Collective unconscious  gathers/collects data at Fenway Park – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Collective unconscious, a term coined by Carl Jung, refers to structures of … The collective unconscious exerts overwhelming influence on the minds of individuals. ….. Elements from the collective unconscious can manifest among groups of …

boton runners   2013
Thus we have DNA base structures HUMANS  ….with defective DNA bases from  the base runners at  Fenway Park  ….  the DNA base runners above  failed Nature’s quality control  test on DNA social engineering thoughts  …hence, Nature’s creation of the Boston bombing.

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