Jeffrey Fowle and the double-helix light bulb WAR

RD-blog-number-4105 by Herb Zinser reviews the  OS = Optical Systems  in the geography region of Ohio State  AND the OS = Optical Systems war in the brain photon SYMBOL PROCESSOR  section of the STATE OF MIND  –> OHIO …
subset code letters –>  O O –> representing  2 eyes and the optical nerve.picture - eye imagesThe Carl Jung collective unconsciousness of the human mind …  the collective comprised of the citizens of OHIO  …. the collective GROUP MIND …..  selected Jeffrey Fowle to go on a mission to generate empirical data that would explain Nature’s problem with the double-helix LIGHT BULB attack on the double-helix DNA.

Citizen music heads and mouth talkers ………. that control society ….. are behind the attack  …since they don’t care about  eye optical matters and DNA systems


Thus the  musics citizens /  Federal government authorized attack tool ….


picture - flourscent light bulb


Thus the  usage  of the geometry attack upon the biology double-helix.

page - dna image

The twisted light bulbs amplify the  EM wave twist   ……..  thus resulted in super twistPicture - em field curves  6 EM waves that attack the eye/ optical nerve/ and the double-helix information system.


picture - dna nitogeous bases 1




Jeffrey  Fowle mission was to generate  data clues for researchers.

American says N. Korean detention over Bible worth it

Nov 1, 2014 – Jeffrey Fowle was held for six months in North Korea after leaving a Bible in a restroom.

jeffery fowle



Jeffery Fowle, American detained in N. Korea, admits to ……/jefferyfowle-american-detained-n-k…

Daily News

Oct 31, 2014 – Jeffrey Fowle was released earlier this month and returned to his family in Ohio after spending nearly six months in a North Korean jail.

American Jeffrey Fowle Released From North Korea and … › International

ABC News

Oct 21, 2014 – Jeffrey Fowle, one of three Americans being held in North Korea, was … incarceration in North Korea resulting from (a) unilateral decision to …

incarceration in North Korea
incarceration in North Korea
incarceration in North Korea
incarceration in North Korea
inca ………………North Korea
Thus we have the Solar System SUN GOD electromagnetic field message.
INCA –> reference to

Inti – the Inca Sun God – Incan History – Latin American History…/p/Inti-The-IncaSunGod.htm

Inti, the Sun God, was the second-most important god to the Inca culture after … from present-day Colombia to Chile and included most of Peru and Ecuador.inca inti sun god peru  1

inca gate of the sun
Thus we have …at a deep subconscious level  in the  brain/ optical  nerve system   ….  and brain STEM em level …an  ancient loyalty to Nature’s   eye / Central Nervous System  development  project.
The Peru INCA Sun God  has a primordrial LINK to other societies and their similiar concepts of the SUN GOD.
Thus the Jeffery Fowle trip to North Korea … to remind us of the SUN GOD and the human eye quality control standards and ethic laws on photon usage methods.
Thus  logic step 1 – Jeffery Fowle sent to a country with a SUN GOD.
Korea religion  sun
Nature’s step 2  mission plan for Jeffrey Fowle  … get arrested …get incarcerated –> keyword –> incarcerated  and get headline  news ….. to hopefully get a science researcher’s attention.
Thus …. given the Korean sun god and the  keyword CLUE –> INCA   ….we have the INCA sun god  and its pointer to the next generation of sun –> inca –> incandescent light bulb name for the electric sun built by Thomas Edison.
sylvania light bulb
Thus ..Jeffrey   Fowle  … code …
……………….ey……….e –> eye agent for Nature and the human Central Nervous System 370 optics division.
Thus ..the information contained in the Jeffrey Fowle database ……..
–> Jeffrey Fowle ….code –> eye ….  citizen in code OS = Optical Systems represented by OHIO
–> do not travel directly to Peru …..  because  he can’t  generate the news message
Travel to North Korea  ..and link to the deep level of the optical subconscious mind   …. create an event to get the inca incandescent code
abstarction ladder 2 larger
 In addition, he is from Miamisburg, Ohio ………..subset code …
…………………………………..ami –>pointer to amino acids and other biochemistry  systems… such as the double-helix geometry wave curve.
Thus his message  is  related to the  EM wave WAR in the Milwaukee region  ..the shooting shooting in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting – Wikipedia, the free …


On August 5, 2012, 40-year-old Wade Michael Page fatally shot six people and wounded four others at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Page took his life …

500 kHz – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Since early in the 20th century, the radio frequency of 500 kilohertz (500 kHz) has been an international calling and distress frequency for Morse code 


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