Brain computer Y2K biological clock Time WAR casualties. The INTERNAL brain-clock error results in EXTERNAL automobile driver errors —> message format –> information highway 2 killed


The year 2000 computer clock upgrade requirements invovled  2 different formats of existence on EARTH.
The formats are:

1) the upgrade of copper-wire computer systems and their  applications software  …
such as OE = Order Entry and  BOE = Back Order Entry systems,  invoice accounting and billing systems

2) the upgrade of the human brain bio-computer  with  2 major upgrade components.

—-> The B.C. upgrade from ancient times … Egypt,  Greek, and Roman brain systems and the B.C. = BioChemistry upgrades with the BC symbolic software.  Nature ‘s systems  started to release  the  ancient  BC software  in new, standardized  symbolic format …..from years  1970  thru year 2012. The only authorized version are college tectbooks written on cellulose paper with flowcharts and diagrams etc.
The textbook Compact Disk versions and the  Internet computer  texts are not approved for  students …. regardless of what the Central Nervous System of university professors   or publishers  claim.  Many students that use CD’s and the INTERNET will have to have their brain and their college diploma recalled under Nature’s   brain manufacture quality control  laws.

Below, we see the secret Genetics  HOMER Illiad message identifier  from Nature 1st BC phase  in Brain Computers over 200o years ago.

–> The OE rules of  ORDER ENTRY ……  input orders to the optical nerve/ brain symbolic processor.  Ancient OE systems that need proper, upgraded  LINKS  are:

OE = OEdipus Complex  –> upgrade for  OE dip –> diplomats in Washington, DC. embassy complex.
OE = OEdipus Rex
OE = Old English …the  student war casualties at the Virginia TECH new English department tricks and schemes.
Virginia TECH…invent the Future with the University of Wisconsin –> the muder accident  of Future Farmers of America  brain bio-computer represntative: Matt Anderson of the Mozamianie region of Wisconsin.

Here, we look at  certain type of output signals FROM the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain sysmbolic computer and its brain engineering thoughts and social engineering thoughts.

The  Y2K signal FORMAT  is reported in the  news …with the general WORD/Number equation ……symbols (2, highway,  killed).
Some words are equivalent  (killed, dead)  or ( highway, roadway, street, expressway, tollway).

News for driver highway 2 killed

Fiery crash of 2 semis in W. Wis. kills Minn. driver; other trucker arrested
Minneapolis Star Tribune‎ – 3 hours ago

A central Minnesota truck driver drove his big rig into the back of 94 in western Wisconsin and was killed in a fiery nighttime collision that has landed of the highway closed for about five hours, according to the State Patrol.
Above keywords: central  + driver + time collision  …… translated ….
Central Nervous System 370 human bio-computer subroutine driver  ….the Y2K  time  collision of the INTERNAL  biological clock  expressed in EXTERNAL display format of the EARTH LAB geography surface  ….the surface of Computer EARETH system 370 display screen …the geography surface area/ land/ soil ……. is  like an IBM   3270 CRT display screen  from  George Orwell TIME COMPUTER manual  …..year 1984 —> 1984 + Base 16 hexadecimal year  = year 2000 TIME BOUNDARY  of  Earthly space/time projects of Nature.   ASK you physics or math professor  or science professor for the secret details.
 Thus we see the Herbert Spencer process outlined in year 1872……. with  the H.G.Wells  1895 TIME Machine  repair manual ….

Herbert Spencer Quotes – BrainyQuote

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Herbert Spencer. Life is the continuous adjustment of internal relations to external relations

Herbert Spencer’s Theory of Causation*

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
by GH Smith – Cited by 2Related articles
In An Autobiography Herbert Spencer recalls that he “early became possessed by the ….. the correspondence between our ideas and unknowable reality? Since we are adjustment of internal relations to external relations.”  an organism is

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Herbert Spencer, The Principles of Psychology [1855] Author: Herbert Spencer The Relations of Coextension and Non-coextension. …. to the two primary actions, form links in the correspondence between internal and external changes.

Two Drivers Killed in Highway 72 Crash | Corpus Christi, TX
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1 day ago – CORPUS CHRISTI – Two truck drivers died this morning in a chain reaction crash involving three 1 8-wheelers on Highway 72, between Three

Signal contains  subset numbers 2 3 8 …the big wheel near Wheeling ,Illinois ….. message for Margaret Nead nuclear family …anthoroplogy theorists  who study  uranium 238  at  the FermiLAB big wheel …the  atomic prayer wheel ….the circular accelerator ring at FermiLAB, Batavia, Illinos.


Drivers killed when car, van collide on Hwy. 19 |

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Jul 25, 2012 – A two-vehicle crash west of Redwood Falls in southwestern Minnesota killed both drivers, authorities said Wednesday.


Wrong-Way Crash Kills 2 Drivers In Grand Prairie « CBS Dallas…/wrong-way-crash-kills-2-drivers-in-grand-prairi…Cached
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Jun 21, 2012 – Prairie are investigating a wrong-way crash along Highway 287 that killed two people on A fire erupted and both drivers died on the scene.

Keywords –> Grand = Grand Unified Theory …wrong way message from the Milky WAY Galaxy processing system.
Wrong = WRO signal to  West Road wrong-WAY astrophysics theorists to upgrade their perceptions and their communications BRIDGE of  camBRIDGE, England.

Police: Phony officer could be killing Mississippi drivers –
Police: Phony officer could be killing Miss               drivers –

Brain bio-computer virus…… could be killing Miss  drivers –

Miss = Management Information social system subroutine  drivers

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May 15, 2012 – is pulling cars over on Mississippi highways and then shooting drivers dead, After two such shootings this month, the Mississippi Bureau of

Mississippi Bureau
Mississippi Bureau
Miss ….ppi Bur =
Miss= Mgt info social systems
ppi = parallel processing instruction ….
Bur =  (data record) buffer

Two killed as truck hits breakdown operation on highway

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Feb 15, 2012 – Truck kills two on Hume Highway. RAW VISION: A female motorist and a male tow truck driver are dead after a truck hit them near Mittagong in

Keywords ……in the above message are:
Mittagong = MIT + TAG …….
Hume = David Hume philosophy  war messages

The keyword references  are about….

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, also known as MIT, is a private research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. Wikipedia
Address: 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139
MascotTim the Beaver
Above bio-chemistry signal about MIT  university and their  symbolic brain DNA defects with their T,A, G nucleotides amd their perceptions of the DNA military as expressed in humanoid format VIA TAG soldiers of the    pen.TAG.on.
Their Mascot –> Tim the Beaver –> Time project with Beaver Dam,  Wiscomsin and Cambridge, Wisconsin  geography region with the  focal point around the Hubble(ton) , Wisconsin   special astronomy project at country road G = universal gravitational constant  intercation with brain atomic mass thoughts.
Their Mascot –> Tim the Beaver –>

Teaching Yourself to Learn: Construct a Well-Balanced Schedule – MIT
Teaching Yourself to Learn: Construct a Well-Bal             Schedule – MIT
Teaching Yourself to Learn:              H.G.Wells-Bal  bio-computer  Schedule
Schedule- MIT
=MITOCHONDRIA  cell .. biological clock … or  Y2K  death

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Jump to Tips for Planning Study Time‎: Study during daytime hours. Of course, this is not fully possible, between MIT’s intense scheduling and New



800 × 600 – HG Wells H.G. Wells‘ The Time Machine

Address: 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139
Mascot: Time  Beaver


800 × 600 – HG Wells H.G. Wells‘ The Time Machine



544 × 300 – 116 years ago, H.G. Wells introduced us to “The Time Machine” and it seems

Above code –> 116 years implies 11 + 16 –> SKU11 base 16 hexadecimal brain computer with LU =Logical Unit = LUNG
MIT brain nucleotides  self-awareness test …T,A,G  —> the human price T,A,G  for not paying attention to David Hume, John Locke and other philosophers.  Is MIT playing  the HIDE and SEEK game  with gametes and T,A,G nucleotides.

What is DNA?

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DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is the hereditary material in humans (humans = hum answer)    and almost all other organisms. Nearly every cell in a person’s body has the same DNA. Most DNA is located in the cell nucleus (where it is called nuclear DNA), but a small amount of DNA can also be found in the mitochondria (where it is called mitochondrial DNA  –> MIT DNA).

DNA is a double helix formed by base pairs attached to a sugar-phosphate backbone.

Long Island Expressway cab crash kills driver, Utah tourist, hurts boy…Cached
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Jun 4, 2012 – A wreck on the Long Island Expressway killed a taxi driver and a Utah woman who was

Above keywords:  LONG, driver, utah
We see the astrophysics signal regarding LOGAN, Utah and  earth surface WAR coordinates …latitude, longitude, altitude.   If we go to CALTECH and  do some calculations ….UTAH tourist –> UT –>  UTOEYA casualties  of  the UTOE –> Universal Time Order Entry system …..and the UTC  time transformation to  biological time …life/death in  Norway –> UTC  = UToya Children.  Norwegian  newspapers ignore such details of reality …… that is the deeper levels of reality………. available to REAL intellectuals   as predicted by UTOE –> Unified Theory of Everything.
Brain computer  Y2K biological clock Time WAR casualties……continue ……/31019039_1_horrific-crash-critical-cond…Cached
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Feb 2, 2012 – Two men died and three people were seriously injured when a 300 was driving erratically on I-87 near the Cross Bronx Expressway just

Thus we see the facts of life ….and your brain-computer biological clock ERROR problem. What can you do?

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