The Y2K Biological clock war report – – > the TIME contradiction in our daily lives

Year 2000 is an imporant time boundary for Nature’s social engineering and brain engineering projects


In year 2000, we have 2 major expressions of  computer science.

1) the human brain bio-computer systems that has existed for thousands of years

2) the copper wire computers that came into existence around 1950 ….. and became quite advanced by 1970.


Today, in year  2012, we can see many similarities between the 2 systems.  Thus, the current VIEW is that the 2 systems are partial mirrors of each other.  Using superysmmetry physics and other symbolic tools, we can study the human bio-computer social structure.  Do you live in OSLO, Norway?   Then your LUNG = LU + NG = Logical Unit Nitrogen Gas –> Logical Unit Norwegian Government.   OSLO implies OS/JCL system 370  Oxgen Systems.    The  UTC TIME battle  was with signal  UTC =  UTOEYA Children.


Thus, we hope to explain some CLUES and ideas about the Nature of the biological  clock problem. Given the starting CLUES, you and your friends need to understand them …and study the situation ….which may help upgrade your brain computer with some bio-software concepts ……because, you need to repair your brain biological clock.

The WORD  biological = bio + logical –> thus suggesting your brain problems are inherited brain software problems.

In year 1910, the logic problem was detected …and 100 years later…nothing has been done about it.   Universities and citizen governments   do not  care to research the bio-logic problem; providing the BLOG reader with the challenging opportunity  to solve their own TIME Logic problem.

Principia Mathematica – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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The Principia Mathematica is a three-volume work on the foundations of by Alfred North Whitehead and Bertrand Russell and published in 1910, 1912, and 1913. ….. and some notation “embod[y] substantive logical doctrines so that it cannot …. Russell, Zeus } the above evaluates to “true” if we allow for Zeus to be a man.


Principia mathematica, by Alfred North – University of Michigan;…
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Principia mathematica, by Alfred North Whitehead … and Bertrand Russell. …. On the other hand we have symbolic logic, which, after a necessary period of …. with all other logicians ancient and modern, bad allowed some error to creep into
some error
some error
some error
some error
The Y2K  math TIME contradiction in our daily lives.
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The year 2000 time boundary was of major concern for many computer users; that is …copper wire computer users that had applications software written in the 1970’s or 1980’s that used extensive date calculations in some accounting systems.

Year 2000, came and went ..without any major computer sofware problems. However, everyone forgot ….. that they have a biological clock in their brain ..that is their bio-computer brain processor. What if Nature …the designer of our Central Nervous System bio-computer ….. had some projects …some brain software projects improve the quality of the human data processor.

Good question !

What signals may exist ……in the newspapers, magazines or books..that may provide us with CLUES as to the existence of Narure’s master plan … that may include our biological clocks and our bio-computer.

Let’s look.

Example 1) A few years ago…..reading some book ……. my eyes and my mind STOPPED upon reading the words in a sentence ….:

—> Twenty-four hours ago …. and my mind recalled reading another book …..that referred to concept as

–> 24 hours.

Being a math major long ago …I wondered if ….some TIME signal existred in the ENGLISH language and its relationship to math. Lewis Carroll wrote about many riddles and puzzles in his stories about ALICE in year 1865. Thinking of him, I reviewed the words…… and will explain a TIME mystery

English class: twenty – four hours = one complete day …. translate into math numbers: 20 – 4 = one complete day of 24 hours.  Contradiction! math equation: 20 – 4 = 16 hours

What is the significance of Nature’s message to have a healthy symbolic brain?


Thus we see the components of the TIME battle at Virginina TECH.

Virginia Tech massacre – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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The Virginia Tech massacre was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007, on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in


William Shakespeare wrote ” The WORLD is a stage and we are the players”. With that VIEW ….let’s look at the tragedy as some EARTH stage…..tragic PLAY …and try to determine the symbolism of the various players and EARTH theater props in the tragic PLAY.


The tragic event sent TIME WAR signals.

–> Mr.CHO –> C + HO –> Clock HOUR

–> April 16 –> the question about the ENGLISH  time word phrase: Twenty-four hours = 24 hours   and/ OR Twenty-four hours = 16 hours.


In year 2012, universities  will not  help answer that TIME question.

Who will help understand the equation?

Virginia TECH  biochemistry major Hasan went to study TIME at Fort Ho –> Hour Fort –> HOOD in Killeen, Texas.


What did he figure out…about the ……twenty-four hour  .. components.

a) college biochemistry textbooks mention 20 standard amino acids  …..may affect the length of our lifetime

b) molecular cell biology books refer to 4 DNA nucleotides

Thus we see an interesting puzzle of Nature …… but its a problem puzzle.  The tragic EVENTS  resulted in signals …that ought be undertsood by  a society with millions of college educated people.  But no one cares, about the health of the  biological clock used by their bio-computer brain.   Do you care?   Then start studying the situation.  More CLUES are needed to understand the TIME WAR puzzle.



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